WeArePMG•Net Presents The Top 10 Mixtapes Of 2015

1. Manolo Rose – Concrete Rose

First off let me apologize for the delay. I know the year end review lists usually come up first week of the year but in 2015 there was alot of good music for me to digest and between that and my hectic schedule I really wanted to take my time so I could get things right when I put the list together.

With that being said after the much publicized controversy surrounding the “All About The Money” track Manolo Rose came out swinging with “Run Ricky Run” which not only made him a fan favorite but left many in the game wondering what he had in store for a project to come and with the anticipation plus a surrounding buzz “Concrete Rose” lived up to the hype. Although he isn’t the most lyrical dude he makes it up with his energy, flow, delivery and presence. Sometimes it’s not about whats being said its about how you say it and the message that’s left when you read between the lines. Son does a hell of a job by not only keeping you entertained with his music but by also giving you that witty street content that you can not only dance too but be uplifted by. Usually I’ll point out a few tracks that stood out to me but you can get through this one from top to bottom without a dull moment. DJ Bobby Trends gives it that genuine Mixtape feel and with the bulk of the production handled by Fame School Slim there’s no denying that Manolo put together the perfect combination for this one.

2.Dave East – Hate Me Now

Hailing from the east side of Harlem Dave East delivered a power punch of a project with the DJ Drama assisted “Hate Me Now”. While alot was made about Nas signing him, with a very strong rhyme delivery and lyrical confidence its easy to see why one of the GOATS would want this guy under their wing. The replay value on this one is through the roof. Do yourself a favor and give it a thorough listen

3.Tray Pizzy – 50 First Dates

80 Side’s own & Bronx Native Tray Pizzy delivered a very dope project at the tail end of the year. With only a couple of weeks left in 2015 to digest this 13 track offering before the ball dropped on New Years Eve after a few spins “50 First Dates” quickly climbed up my list of top projects of the year. With skits throughout it kind of plays out like a long conversation that goes in circles with the music as an aid to make it make sense. Very dope concept which is rarely utilized in today’s game of mixtapes. After spending most of 2015 making his rounds on various performance stages and events the kid you usually see with the red mohawk gave the people a very lyrical driven project that even got Funk Flex dropping bombs on it.

4. Dougie F – Block Party

The kid hailing from Orange, NJ known as Dougie F gave us a very ear pleasing project with the release of “Block Party”. From the heavy social media promo to the dope listening/release party at the SlamXHype rooftop headquarters the Stragg Records team made sure that the work put into this tape was recognized. With standout tracks like “From The Mud”, “Under Control” and “Billions” the tape gives you an up and down rhthym that gets you from track to track kinda like a roller coaster ride story. Throughout the project he seemed to preach hope and prosperity while letting people know that there’s a struggle he came from which heavily influences his music. Homie definitely put great detail into the playlist and his beat selection couldn’t have been more on point. If you missed this one shame on you but definitely give it a thorough listen.

5. Lil Bibby – Free Crack 3

There’s no question that Lil Bibby has come a long way in his musical evolution as is clearly shown on the 3rd installment of his “Free Crack” series. The well balanced project really shows his growth not just as an artist but as a young man. I’ve been following this kid for awhile now and to see him continually climb to that next level is a breathe of fresh air. Common, Jeremih, R. Kelly, Tink, Future and G Herbo offer assistance along the way on this one.

6. Lloyd Banks – Halloween Havoc 2

The punchline king switched the flow up for the surprise release of Halloween Havoc 2 going with a more witty lyrical delivery on this one. Banks being bar for bar one of the best didnt disappoint at all. This will definitely hold us over until “Cold Corner 3” hits the streets

7. J.Y. – LENNY

The Jersey boy J.Y. came thru with a solid offering with his “LENNY” project. With his charismatic rhyme skill and strong work ethic he’s gonna be around for awhile

8. Troy Ave – White Christmas 3

You can say what you want about Troy Ave but you gotta respect his grind and work ethic even if you don’t like his music. Coming thru with his year “White Christmas” series the BSB records exec puts together a solid playlist of music with “NYC Restore The Feeling” being one of my persona favorite songs out right now. And you say New York City!

9. Semi The Gawd – Tales Of The Underdog 2

Harlem’s rhyme spitter Semi came thru with some dope bars over a selection of good beats. After making his rounds showing his rhyme skills on mixshows with the likes of Kay Slay and Sway you should definitely check dude out

10. Dark & Young Boston – Pushin Pain Vol 1

The duo from Washington Heights linked up with DJ Bobby Trends for the first installment of their Pushin Pain series. Solid body of work with that gritty NYC mixtape feel. Worth a spin or two


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