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I will say this. Remy did what Nicki never did and that’s show some sort of solidarity within female hip hop. Bringing out legends like Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Lil Kim, Rah Digga, Lady Of Rage & Monie Love on that Summer Jam stage was beyond a breath of fresh air for the culture. Only times I can remember Nicki sharing the spotlight with other female artists is when she was trying to spite Lil Kim during their back and forth. The key term there is “sharing the spotlight”. I’m not talking about taking a pic or 2 for the gram or having a few spot dates for opening acts that you never perform or record with but openly and genuinely reaching down to try and lift up other up and coming female talent. Question: Do you think Nicki would ever bring out Cardi B to show love to another female artist coming up in the game? I highly doubt it. Don’t get it twisted I don’t have a dog in this fight but I def can understand why it’s easier for people to side with Remy. With any position of power comes responsibility and I don’t think Nicki Minaj ever displayed a willingness to help uplift any other female artist. Nicki might of been sitting too high on her thrown and for anyone you must always keep in mind that the same people you see on your way up are the same people you will see on your way down.

Published on: Sep 10, 2015 @ 7:38pm


Today was a monumental day in Washington, DC. I was proud to see so many of my people come together in force as a show of solidarity. With that being said marching is meaningless without an agenda. You can’t March and still spend money with the same people you’re fighting against. In essence you’re funding a war against yourself. The 2 things this country respects are economics and action. The time for action is now. Be ready to stand by your words or step aside for the people who are. Be the change you speak of and want to see. Sitting on these social media apps and complaining accomplishes nothing. Great black men once said “by any means necessary” and “all power to the people” and they sacrificed their lives in belief of those words. That’s true leadership. Stand tall and fight strong my people. #JusticeOrElse

Published on: Jun 28, 2015 @ 10:07pm

I found this to be very interesting. I completely understand this black queen’s anger and I so appreciate it but we as a people need to have a better understanding of who exactly the “enemy” is. For example in any war there are civilians and then there are combatants. Although civilians can and are often casualties of war it’s not honorable to kill them because they’re not there to fight. I feel the same way when it comes to white people. Now we all know that all white people aren’t bad same way there’s white people that feel like all black people aren’t bad. The war against racism should be waged against all those who spread hatred towards people of color and those who either stand with that hatred or turn a blind eye to it. But even before we try to go against an opposing force we must first learn to protect ourselves. Not gonna sit here and act like I have all the answers but we need to move in a militant manner. Anger and emotion will only lead to irrationally decisions.

Published on: Feb 24, 2015 @ 1:07am
The power of the black dollar

There used to be a time where we understood as a people not to spend money outside of our community. The White dollar, the Asian dollar, the Hispanic dollar, etc, circulates within their community for a long period of time. The Black dollar, it circulates within our community for just a day. Our buying power has increased tremendously, but our dollar circulation still remains low. To add to what we already do for our fight for equality, we must begin to support Black owned businesses. It is essential. Our dollar adds so much to the overall income, if we begin to support our own businesses we’ll up our equality here in America.
Published on: Feb 2, 2015 @ 8:26pm
Justice for Ramarley Graham??? Part 2


3 years ago on this Day Ramarley Graham was killed in his own bathroom in front of his grandmother by an NYPD officer who did not have a warrant to enter his home. He was unarmed and in fear of the police he ran to the 1 place he felt was safe which was his home. Although the city did not indict or prosecute the officers involved they did admit there was negligence involved in the case by those NYPD officers and as a result of that negligence they awarded the family of Ramarley Graham a 3.9 million dollar settlement. You can’t put a price on anyone’s life and no amount of money in the world will replace that young man’s life but at least this family was given something after a long and stressful legal process which still hasn’t given them many answers as to why this was allowed to happen. I’ve followed this case from day 1 and its a heartbreaking story of yet another black man killed senselessly by an overzealous cop. When will it end is the question we all ask. Much love to his parents for being so strong throughout their fight for justice and answers. May Ramarley truly Rest In Peace.

Published on: Jan 7, 2013 @ 5:21pm
2013 PMG Year End Review

When I first started PMG I envisioned as being a one stop shop for everything that is social, talented and in need of development. With that being said 2013 was a great year for Payso’s Marketing Group. PMG started off with 1 client 4 years ago and now we’re a full fledged company with 8 clients and 3 brands in development. We’ve created many opportunities for those around us and for me that’s one of the most important things that anyone can do. Empowering others and putting others in positions to live out their dreams and goals is one of the reasons why I wake up in the morning. We introduced New York City to Clique Vodka and now it has a foundation in this town with plenty of room for growth. Raunchy Nation has been established as not just a clothing line but a recognizable brand. I cant tell you how many times I’ve worn a Raunchy Nation logo sweater or shirt and been approached by someone saying something to the affect of “That’s the Raunchy clothes right?”. Ghost GX went from doing mixtape covers for local acts in his neighborhood of Queens,NY to working with some of the biggest names in the city. Damarcus continues to show people his musical talent goes behind just singing. Changster DJ continues to grow and develop not only but many other things across the world wide web. Late in the year we started working with TwonDon. He has a vision for not only his music but himself that far surpasses his 19 years of age. Red Army Music is gearing back up to step up his production skills and show the world he can go beat for beat with the best of them. We established the “Nu New Jersey” brand as a way to give talented people from the Garden State a place and lane to showcase their talents, abilities and crafts. Also be on the lookout for more things to come from the Clique Vodka concert series state to state. We got TrapHouse NY off the ground and picking up steam as a place for talented battle rappers to develop their skills and showcase what they can do toe to toe with another MC. We still have a long way to go but 2013 was truly one of the best years for myself and my company. I can not express how deeply appreciative I am of any and everyone who has supported anything we have done and going forward we’re gonna need you the people more than ever. Cheers to another year and everyone have a Blessed 2014.

CEO of Payso’s Marketing Group

Published on: Nov 26, 2013 @ 9:26pm
Justice for Ramarley Graham???

Now its very CLEAR that this young man did nothing that warranted his life being taken from him that day

He went to the one place where he thought he was absolutely safe at, his home. Now I ask you if you are not safe from harm in your own home my God where are you safe at?!
Published on: Apr 29, 2013 @ 3:02pm

Today Marks 15 years since Big Pun’s platinum selling album “Capitol Punishment” was realeased. I’ll never forget walking through St. Marys park in the Bronx to get to my aunts house and listening to this album on my cassette player. The intro was “blam blam blam Punisher” taking them all out and from that point in it was nothing but beats, bars and some of the most mind twisting lyrics you would ever here. Props to the late great Big pun.

Shout out to MTV for this dope interview they unleashed today.

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The misrepresentation and misinterpretation of Harlem…

Over the last 3 or 4 years I’ve seen Harlem dramatically change and become a more diverse place in New York City. Now I’ve always looked at Harlem as the one place in New York that was totally for us black folks. From the people, to the clothes, to the food, to the hood it was all black, it was all us. To see that change breaks my heart because let’s keep it real the only people we can blame for the Harlem gentrification is ourselves. Black folks jumped at every dollar thrown at them to move away, let themselves be pushed away and slowly allowed Harlem to be way less of Harlem then its supposed to be. But hey let me not cry over spilled milk. Moving along.

Now with all that being said Harlem became a place that lost its core values and lost its true identity. If you turn on your TV or listen to your ready and see all these people screaming “HARLEM” you’d have no idea what a black mecca Harlem was at one point. I’m from the Bronx but I spent so much time in Harlem throughout my childhood and adult life that everybody from Harlem at one point thought i was from Harlem until I’d tell them that I’m from the Bronx. And I’m talking all up and down Harlem I’d be. From 155th down to 103rd, eastside to westside. so lets fast forward to 2013, For me to have that rich and genuine history in me of what I know to be Harlem to see what its perceived to be now is crazy to me. You have all these new people and new faces that pretty much popped up out of no where and are all of a sudden waiving the flag for Harlem. I mean I’ve been in those streets for over 2 decades and i swear I never seen or heard of the majority of the people that are pretty much at the forefront for Harlem. I mean I’m not saying that I know or knew everybody from Harlem but trust me I know and knew more then enough to identify a person that is true blood to the core Harlem. Those people that I truly know to be Harlem don’t even have a voice no ore because they don’t fit into the mold of what we call “new Harlem” is. Its sad really because people who don’t know Harlem will never truly know Harlem because the word “Harlem” has been severely abused and misused.

Now there’s no question that Harlem is in an upswing and is the place to be these days in NYC but that doesn’t mean that it should lose its true identity as a whole bunch of new faces and places decide to take advantage of the times. Perfect example of what I’m saying is this “Harlem Shake” song by Bauuer which has garnered a huge buzz as of late yet the song has nothing to do with the actual Harlem Shake. Don’t get it twisted its a very fun song and I get hype when it comes on in the club like everyone else but why name it “Harlem Shake”. Dude could’ve named it anything else in the world. Is it trend exploitation? or is it black exploitation? I don’t know either but one thing i do know is there are millions of people watching those viral YouTube videos of which people are doing a dance they perceive to be the ‘Harlem Shake” and its far from it. One thing I hate about this current era wea re in is that people do whatever they want with no regards for the rules, history or essence of what they are doing. That sucks because when that is done we are left with a misinformed society who have no idea of what’s what and who’s who. The bottomline is if its not the Harlem shake then it shouldn’t be called the Harlem shake and if its not Harlem then it shouldn’t be called Harlem. The math should always add up.

Check out what Harlem had to say about Bauuer”s “Harlem Shake’. They’re not too pleased with it either:

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Dutch New York x Felony Fame “Above Average” Video Shoot

Published on: Oct 22, 2012 @ 4:44pm

I came across this story ABC News did about the violence in Chicago and my mind just started racing with a bunch of thoughts. This whole year I’ve been hearing about the murder rate in Chicago and the story they did was just the climax for me because although Chicago may be the at the center of it youth violence is something that has plagued not just Chicago but also my city and most the inner cities in America. Its sad that these kids tend to run to a gun before they run to a book. I have a younger brother that just turned 21 and I pray and hope every night he lives to see another day because as sad as it may be the reality is he’s living in an era where the value of life is damn near meaningless. When I sit back and look at what’s going on in Chicago it hurts because most these kids don’t even have a chance at any type of success in life. Its frightening to see that this year there will have been more killings in Chicago than there has been of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why is this? Its a factor of many things but to me it all comes down to these kids pretty much having too much free time on their hands and no guidance or leadership. That’s a horrible combination. The youth of today don’t have nearly as many programs and centers and opportunities to cultivate their inner talents as I did when I was growing up. My local PAL and Church sports programs kept me off the streets many days. Now don’t get me wrong my generation weren’t a bunch of boy scouts growing up but we had determining factors that saved alot of our lives. These kids today just don’t have those things. I can only imagine what its like being a 17 year old kid growing up in Chicago but this isn’t an issue that will go away anytime soon unless we as a people come together to try and solve these issues. We cant sit back and wait on the Mayor, the police, the government or the president. We have to take back control of our own neighborhoods and show these kids that there’s more to life than pulling a trigger. Way too many lives have been taken away senselessly and there’s no reason why we should be at funerals every other week. Just ask yourself when is enough, enough?

Here’s the story ABC News did:

Also here’s Chicago Native and rap artists Lupe Fiasco in tears about the violence in Chicago:

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That awkward moment when you wanna fuck but you don’t wanna come off to her like your just like every other nigga….. Me and a couple of the homies were talking about this earlier and I thought it was an interesting topic. Now despite what most women believe there are a few good dudes left out there but no matter how nice of a guy he is like most men he wants to fuck. I’m not saying that sex is all that we’re thinking about but lets be honest if your out on a date with an attractive woman of course you would like to end the night with a bang. So the end of the night is approaching, the date went well, the conversation was great and now homie is thinking to his self “should I try? or should I just chill?”. We’ve all been in this position where as a man you know that your a good dude and you genuinely want to get to know shorty but at the same time the night is going so right and your trynna take her home for the night. So what do you do? You wanna fuck but you dont wanna seem like “your just like the rest of them”. I dont think we’ll ever know the answer to that one. LOL. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Published on: May 25, 2012 @ 6:06pm I came across the story of Brian Banks who is a man that was wrongly convicted of Rape in California at the age of 16. This man had to take a 10 year plea deal for a crime he knew and his accuser knew that he didn’t do. This man went to jail simply because somebody pointed the finger at him and he couldn’t risk taking the chance as a young black man in front of a jury of his “peers”. We’ve heard this story way too many times in America and more often than not its a black man on the unjust side of the situation. Now I do know there are plenty of black men who deserve to be in prison but one thing that’s for certain is the American justice system is extremely flawed when it comes to crime and punishment. Any black man that has ever stepped in an American courtroom will tell you that you are GUILTY UNTIL YOU PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE TO THOSE PEOPLE IN THAT ROOM. You are literally fighting for your life and freedom! Guilty should be guilty and innocent should be innocent no matter how much money you have, the time and circumstance or how much your lawyer is getting paid by the hour. There’s no justifiable reason why a man like Brian Banks should have his freedom taken away from him as a teenager simply because somebody said he did something. Its sad how often these things happen in the so called land of the free. Its scary that as a black man in this country you can go to jail just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. As black men in America yes we need to stay on the right side of the law but we also need to educate ourselves on the law and work to change them. The American justice system is a joke and EVERYONE knows it! Check out this video of the Brian Banks story below:

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_______________________________________________________________________________________ Published on: Mar 22, 2012 @ 4:02am Trayvon Martin is a 17 year old African American male that was killed by George Zimmerman, a “neighborhood watch volunteer” who obviously took his “job” way too seriously. He was unarmed and was killed doing something we all do damn near everyday, walking home from the store. When I first heard about this story the very first thing I thought to myself was “Another black unarmed man killed, what else is new”. Its very sad to have that thought in my head but far too many times I’ve heard the same story. Trayvon Martin was a teenager that died simply because of his skin color. POINT BLANK PERIOD! We all know if Trayvon was a white kid he’d still be alive. We all know if the roles were reversed and there was a black man on the other side of that gun he’d be charged and indicted for murder before he could blink. But for reasons that are beyond belief George Zimmerman has not been charged with any crime as the “Investigation” continues. Even in this country with a supremely fucked up justice system the people who enforce the laws cant be this blind to the obvious. It dont take a FBI investigation to figure this one out. Trayvon Martin could have been any one of us. It could’ve been me, you, or someone you love. This killing is so random that its scary. Lets forget about Trayvon Martin for a second. Lets think about Sean Bell, Troy Davis, Ramarley Graham, Oscar Grant, Danroy Henry and a whole list of black men who have had their lives taken unjustly and with wrecklessness. This is not an isolated incident people. Far too many times we have heard stories of unarmed black men who have been killed due to circumstance. When does the shit stop? How many more black men need to die before we all pull together and say enough is enough?! Lets not just stand by and allow the deaths of these men to go for nothing. Because guess what, their lives represent all of us as black men. If we dont stand together on this then what will we stand for? Smarten up my black people. Smarten up. God Bless the spirit of Trayvon Martin and my prayers go out to his family. Here’s the 911 call George Zimmerman made before killing Trayvon. Listen closely as he mutters the words “fuckin coons” around the 2:20 mark Please sign the online petition posted by Trayvon Martin’s parents to prosecute George Zimmerman for murder charges: And I ask that you all hug and embrace all those that you love. Because we live in some trying times and life is truly precious. God Bless and thanks for your time _______________________________________________________________________________________ Published on: Mar 3, 2012 @ 9:22pm IS THIS REALLY THE LOOK OF “HIP HOP” TODAY? Sadly the answer is yes. Every year around this time XXL puts out its annual “Freshmen” cover and as the years go by it seems to get worse and worse. At this point I really think the people over at XXL Magazine look for ways to create buzz and controversy around the selections of the cover by picking artists that we ALL know shouldn’t be there and skipping over talent that has a legitimate gripe on why they were not chosen. Perfect examples of that this year are Dom Kennedy, Smoke DZA, Schoolboy Q and Emilio Rojas. I don’t know the inner workings of the selection process but I can tell you as being a person who has a deep love for this rap shit there’s no reason whatsoever why at least 2 of those dudes shouldn’t have had their mugs graced on that cover. But on the flipside you have to look at who we’re talking about when we think of XXL Magazine. They have Vanessa Satten as their executive editor who’s a white broad that probably never stepped foot through any slums in America to even know what the people deem as real Hip Hop (And no I don’t have anything against white people). They have a staff full of square dudes who sit in offices most of their day away from the general public and get most of their information on “who’s hot” based on whats posted on rap blogs daily. Now is that considered a credible source for who we should look forward too in this rap game we love? In my opinion nah! I tell people all the time in order for us to change this game we have to change the people that are in these offices! For too long now we’ve let the wrong people dictate to us who we should be listening to and in the mix of that we’ve lost out on hearing so many talented artists who can actually rap, have a message and have a genuine story to tell us that we can relate to. Now I don’t know about most of yall but I definitely cant relate to shit Iggy Azalea or Danny Brown is talking about but I can listen to a Smoke DZA record and understand his struggle or listen to a Dom Kennedy record and feel like I’m in Leimert Park, Los Angeles with him. Now I’m not saying everybody that wants to pick up a mic and spit a rhyme has to be some super tough gangster but at the same time its like the game done went so far left that its not even about having basic rhyme skills anymore. I’m sure the forefathers of Hip Hop didn’t go through the supreme struggle and make the sacrifices they made for the game to come to this. I guess I’m old school but this shit is depressing. Thanks for your time whoever is out there reading this and Imma go pop in a few DJ Clue mixtapes from the 90’s just to lift my spirits. BE BLESSED! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Published on: Feb 23, 2012 @ 2:31pm Dont get it twisted I have always been in love with sneakers. Anyone who knows me will tell you that my closet looks like a Foot Locker stock room (True Story!) but whats going on today is pure bafoonery. People sleeping outside stores for days on end, kids getting killed over whats on their feet, and outrageous prices that seem to increase with each release. Everybody needs to calm the fuck down, take a deep breath and say to themselves THEY ARE JUST SNEAKERS. Nike is feeding feasting off the ignorance that has swept over the inner cities, you niggas are just too stupid to see it. So if you’re one of those dudes who constantly has to make sure he has those foams make sure all ya shit straight. Most you niggas will spend more on foams than you will on ya kid(s) college fund. That same $300 you dropping on sneakers you wont even put in ya mama hand. We live in a very narrow minded society and big business is loving it. Smarten up my black people. Smarten Up. Here’s a brief report CNN did on the Galaxy foams _______________________________________________________________________________________ Published on: Feb 15, 2012 @ 4:52pm This was def the funniest shit I saw in 2011….HILARIOUS! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Published on: Feb 8, 2012 @ 7:53pm This story about an 11 Year Old entrepreneur from Atlanta really touched me…check it out

Canton 11-Year-Old Girl is Entrepreneur:

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Published on: Jan 19, 2012 @ 6:53pm Blessed and Fortunate are 2 words that come to mind as I celebrate God Gracing me with another year lived on his green Earth. Everyday I wake up and wonder what the day is gonna bring because I live a very unscripted life. But in all honesty as I reflect on all my years of life I wouldn’t change nothing. The pain, the struggle, the hardships, the tough times, the underhanded people. I wouldn’t change none of it because all of that is what made me who I am. I’ve been blessed to have some of the most honest and loyal people in my corner and I thank God for them everyday. We live in a very fucked up world today so 2 things I keep in my heart are humor and honor. As long as I can laugh and live by the strong principles that I cherish as a man I know ill always be good. Stand up people seem not to exist anymore. Everybody is out for themselves right now and the shit is super wack. Me, I can comfortably look in the mirror everyday and be pleased with the soul of a man I’m. Looking at. Stay strong and stay blessed because life as we know it today is truly precious and not promised to anyone. I dedicate this to the memory of my cousin Aisha Morales. Love you baby girl and can’t wait to see you up in Heaven. -Payso _______________________________________________________________________________________
Published on: Jan 10, 2012 @ 7:57pm

Wanna dedicate my first blog post to a great friend of mine that passed away a couple of months ago. Fernando Brazier’s birthday is today and he would’ve been 29 years old. Homie was definitely a brother from another mother. We shared so many similarities and we bonded almost instantly when we met in high school. This is one of those situations where I’d give anything, and i mean anything just to have one last conversation with him. No matter how distant we had become over the years he always made it his business to reach out to me on my birthday which is January 19th. I mean my nigga never missed a year. Hold on to the people that are close to you because life truly is short. I know one thing as long as Im breathing Im gonna always keep your memory and name alive! RIP NANDO. Who would’ve ever thought way back when we started this thing in the hallway of Washington Irving High School that we’d all be family till this day. HOLLA FAM is truly for life!


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