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BIO: Damarcus, also known as D’Ville, was born in Danville, Illinois. Damarcus’ love for his hometown, Danville led to his stage alias and he wasted no time discovering that he had a voice that can make you stop what you are doing and listen to him! He began his singing career as a young boy in his church choir growing up in Illinois. Damarcus soon learned that his gift was broader than simply knowing how to sing as he discovered he could pick up any instrument -from a guitar to a saxophone – and play by ear. Damarcus’ love for music inspired him to pen his own lyrics which rounds out this amazing artist’s musical portfolio of natural talent. He’s passionate about his lyrics and ensures they are inspirational and motivational. Damarcus’ passion shines through his music as it is often based on real life experiences that everyone can relate to. Damarcus has professionally recorded his own original music. He enjoys local success in NYC. Damarcus has quickly become the most sought-after R&B artist in the Sunshine State. Anytime any major R & B or Hip Hop Artist makes a stop in Florida, you can catch Damarcus warming up the crowd with his sultry smooth R&B style. Damarcus has opened up for Jagged Edge, Carl Thomas, 50 Cent, The Game, and Lloyd to name a few. Damarcus has a very distinct and unique voice that cannot be compared to anyone. It is certainly a voice that is unmistakenly… Damarcus. When Damarcus blesses your ears with his voice, it is clear that his purpose was to be heard. It won’t be long before Damarcus’ talent spans the globe and he becomes a household name. He hopes to be added to the long list of artists who precede him creating the soundtrack of our lives.


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